Rent of the bikes in Kazan

Rent of the bikes in Kazan

Rent of the bikes in Kazan — Ostrovsky street 32, Health Combine (entrance from University street, through the gate)

Rental conditions and rates

If you want to rent a bike, it is necessary to give the cash deposit and the document. After that you can check a bike. When you use rental bike, you must be careful and gently. 

In a case of damage of the bike during riding, we have the right to keep your document up until you compensate repair cost. In a case of the losing bike or of the complete destruction of the bike, client must compensate the whole cost of the bike.

Only adequate persons can get our bikes, because they must understand the responsibility for their life. Our rental does not have responsibility for client’s life.

  • Don’t break a bike.
  • Don’t make emergencies, observe the rules of the road
  • Return the bike in time.
  • Don’t drop the bike.
  • Fee per bike is after returning the bike. It is deducted from the cash deposit  


The day — 600 rubles

Hour — 120 rubles

Day / night — 500 rubles

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